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Wind Turbine Energy FAQ

What is the composition of the turbine? What is its rating?

Our turbine is rated for gusts of wind up to 90 mph. It is primarily made out of UV resistant nylon and anodized aluminum to withstand a variety of elements.

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Complete Wind Energy Management SystemAbout Free Power Wind Turbines of West Michigan

Free Power Wind Turbines was created to bring the future of wind power to the West Michigan area. The company was started by Todd Glockzin. Todd is the owner of Glockzin Heating and Cooling which is locally owned and operated and has been serving the West Michigan area since 1999.

Homeywell Wind TurbineWhen Honeywell started to promote their new complete wind energy systems Todd knew this would be an exciting new product that would be beneficial to Michigan residents and businesses. We would like to personally guide you through the maze of wind power. Our dedication and commitment to providing exceptional service has resulted in enduring customer relationships. We are continually working to exceed your expectations.

Free Power Wind Turbines is proud to bring the newest free power wind turbine technology to the West Michigan area.

Wind TurbinesFree Power Wind Turbines offers our customers easy access to leading products and systems everywhere in the world. Innovation and quality, the key characteristics of what we offer, are reinforced by our knowledge and understanding of local requirements and needs.

The depth of expertise among our personnel is one of our competitive advantages. Our staff is dedicated to offer you the best information to make the right choices in purchasing a wind turbine from Free Power Wind Turbines. Whether your wind project is large or small there is a place for you. Wind works to power our communities, to power our economy and to power our country. Wind works for all of us. You will be able to take the first step towards effectively reaping the rewards of wind power. Free Power Wind Turbines is a private technology company dedicated to bringing renewable energy to all.

A Message From Our CEO Todd Glockzin

Honeywell Wind TurbineWhen I created Free Power Wind Turbines, my vision was to establish an organization that is committed to the communities and customers in which it serves. Free Power Wind has pride in its ownership, independence, objectivity and thoughtful guidance for our customers who rely and trust us for all their needs. Indefinitely.

Complete Wind Energy Management SystemWe are looking forward to sharing all the news about Free Power Wind's dedication, the milestones we reach, the partnerships we develop, and about the progress we continue to make. Thank you again for allowing us to bring new renewable energy products to market and for helping to protect our environment and make the world a better place for our families, our friends, and the future of the planet. I get pretty excited about this "home grown" energy and I hope you are as enthusiastic as I am about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Todd Glockzin - CEO
Wind Turbine Model WT6500
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The Honeywell WT6500 automatically moves with the wind through its directional fins and can be installed on a pole, roof or commercial mount. The turbine has a start-up speed as low as 0.5 mph, with an auto shut off at 38 mph.
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Wind Turbine Photo Gallery
Wind Turbine Photo Gallery

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our Free Power Wind Turbines. Click on any photo to enlarge the image. Free Power Wind Turbines of West Michigan is proud to bring the newest free power wind turbine technology to the West Michigan area.
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