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Wind Turbine Energy FAQ

What happens in high winds?

All functions of the HTW are controlled by a computerized Smart Box connected to an anemometer, constantly reading wind speed and direction. The Honeywell Wind Turbine Smart Box interacts with the turbine’s motor, optimizing the turbines’ positioning.

In a non grid tie unit, what happens to the unused energy?

Our turbines are equipped with a heat sink and the unused energy is discharged.

How much energy does the turbine produce?

The Honeywell Wind Turbine generates Renewable Electric Generation 2752 kWh/yr in Class 4 The Honeywell Wind Turbine offers the lowest cost per kWh in class Winds @ 33ft. The Honeywell Wind Turbine offers the lowest cost per kWh in class.

I would like to run several units. Is this possible? How?

You can certainly run several units, depending on the energy management system you are utilizing. Each OutBack can handle up to 3 wind turbines per unit and the Aurora can handle 2 turbines per unit.

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See the Honeywell Wind Turbines in action. It has a start-up speed as low as 0.5 mph, with an auto shut off at 38 mph. Traditional gearbox turbines require minimum wind speeds of 7.5 mph to cut in and start generating power. Also see how the turbines changes direction to maximize wind power.
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Redesigning Wind Turbines

Why was it necessary to redesign the wind turbine?
Redesigning Wind TurbinesWith 90% of North America’s actual wind resources below 9 mph on average, it was essential to develop a technology capable of starting-up in wind speeds as low as 0.5 mph and remaining operational through 38 mph. Traditional turbines rarely start turning before 7.5 mph and shutdown by 29 mph to protect their mechanical systems. It is this greater capture and conversion of available wind energy that enables the Honeywell Wind Turbine to provide such a meaningful percentage of a home’s energy needs.
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The Honeywell Wind Turbine

A Wind Turbine Like No Other For...
Honeywell Wind Turbine Residential
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Quiet Operation

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