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Wind Turbine Energy FAQ

What are the Specifications, Features and Benefits of the Honeywell Wind Turbine?

Honeywell Gearless Wind Turbine

Blade Tip Power System (BTPS)

BTPS Permanent Magnet Electric Generator, Patents Pending

Installs on Pole, Roof Mount or Commercial Mount

ETL Listed, Conforming to UL 1741 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 107.1

Blades – Glass Filled Nylon Composite

Wide Wind Acceptance – Auto Directional

Cut in wind speed 0.5 mph (0.2 m/s)

Acoustic Noise Emissions < 35dB at 10 feet (3.1 m)

Designed to withstand winds up to 140 mph (62.6 m/s)

Shut down wind speed 38 mph (17.0 m/s)

Electromagnetic Braking System

Connects to building, utility or battery charge controller

Optional Controllers included:
Aurora, OutBack, or DC Charger

5 Year Limited Warranty

Annual CO2 Displacement 2.2 Tons


Buy wind turbines for homes, residential and commercial use.Wind Turbine Frequently Asked Questions Before You Buy

Below are frequently asked questions about buying Free Power Wind Turbines for homes, residential and commercial uses and information about wind energy in West Michigan.

What application is the Honeywell Wind Turbine best suited for?
The Honeywell Wind Turbine (Honeywell Wind Turbine) is designed for residential homes, small business and commercial applications, generating energy where we consume it, even in low wind speeds.

What wind do I have?
80% of our actual wind resources in North America are well below 10 mph, 90% of the time. Almost all traditional wind turbines require 8mph winds to cut in and start turning. Unfortunately, to date small wind turbines have failed to impress in terms of energy creation, sound quality and the installation expense. When we state “we turned wind turbines inside out”…. we had to do just that…. By removing the mechanics and gears from the center core, the Honeywell Wind Turbine, patented Blade Tip Power System (BTPS) starts turning at 1 mph, begins generating energy at 2 mph, therefore is in operations 50% more of the time, than traditional systems.

How much energy does the turbine produce?
The Honeywell Wind Turbine generates Renewable Electric Generation 2752 kWh/yr in Class 4 The Honeywell Wind Turbine offers the lowest cost per kWh in class Winds @ 33ft. The Honeywell Wind Turbine offers the lowest cost per kWh in class.

How much money will the wind turbine save me?
The ROI of the turbine will depend on many different factors:
1. Your annual kW usage
2. The price you pay per kWh
3. The incentives available to you
4. Your installation cost
While the ROI will be shorter for some people than for others, we believe that increasing energy prices within the next few years will decrease the payback time of our product even more.

What is the warranty?
The Honeywell Wind Turbine has a limited 5 year manufactures warranty and is designed for a 20 year life. Commercial warranties may vary.

What’s involved to install the Honeywell Wind Turbine? Can I do it myself?
We highly recommend that installation be done through a certified installer. Those certified installers are trained on a continual basis. Because the Honeywell Wind Turbine operates in low wind speeds, installation and placement is critical in maximizing the wind energy. The Honeywell Wind Turbine can be installed on a pole, plate, or rooftop where there is unobstructed access to the wind.

What are the state and local regulations governing turbine installations?
The small wind industry is changing rapidly and so are the bylaws and ordinances governing them. Many localities and States are clearing the way for small installations, but there’s still much work to be done. The Honeywell Wind Turbine is 170lbs, 6 foot in diameter, high output turbine, making it far easier to get approvals. Most restrictions are in place to prevent 30- 60 foot towers and >12 foot blades. The Honeywell Wind Turbine is redefining the market again.

What is the composition of the turbine? What is its rating?
Our turbine is rated for gusts of wind up to 90 mph. It is primarily made out of UV resistant nylon and anodized aluminum to withstand a variety of elements.

What happens in high winds?
All functions of the HTW are controlled by a computerized Smart Box connected to an anemometer, constantly reading wind speed and direction. The Honeywell Wind Turbine Smart Box interacts with the turbine’s motor, optimizing the turbines’ positioning, maximizing wind capture (up to 38 mph) and turning into the wind, when exceeding 38 mph. The Honeywell Wind Turbine is certified to industry safety and electrical standards. We are one of the few turbine manufactures to have our own wind tunnel facility, constantly testing the turbines.

What happens in ice and snow?
The Honeywell Wind Turbine is designed to handle the elements. Freezing rain will certainly slow the unit down and could keep the unit out of service until it thaws. The Honeywell Wind Turbine was developed with maintenance in mind. With far fewer moving parts than traditional turbines, service and maintenance is greatly reduced. Most parts can be quickly replaced, including the bearings and blades.

What about the noise from turbines that’s in the news, and what about birds?
Traditional turbines have reported issues with vibration caused when the wind passes over and behind the blades, referred to as cavitation. The Honeywell Wind Turbine deflects the wind in a completely different manner, alleviating this characteristic. Unlike traditional turbines that are difficult for birds to see as the tips are virtually transparent, the Honeywell Wind Turbine turbine’s design, color, and enclosed border system help make the turbine more distinguishable to wildlife.

Is the Honeywell Wind Turbine a replacement for a backup generator?
This will depend on if you are utilizing a grid-interactive or non-grid energy management system. The OutBack Power System is a non-grid system that stores power and can be used when the grid is down.

Does the Honeywell Wind Turbine support Net Metering?
This will depend on your energy management power system. We currently offer the non-grid OutBack Power System and the grid-interactive Aurora Power System, both the energy management systems support Net Metering.

I would like to run several units. Is this possible? How?
You can certainly run several units, depending on the energy management system you are utilizing. Each OutBack can handle up to 3 wind turbines per unit and the Aurora can handle 2 turbines per unit.

In a non grid tie unit, what happens to the unused energy?
Our turbines are equipped with a heat sink and the unused energy is discharged.

How are the units mounted?
We offer a ballast stand mount for a flat roof, a pitched roof mounted stand, a pole mounted stand and a commercial cell tower mount.

Honeywell Wind Turbine Mounting Options
Wind Energy Estimator

Wind Energy EstimatorWind Estimator will compute the estimated cost to install a wind turbine system for your home or building. The financial analysis is based on energy bill savings you can expect and the net system cost, after tax credits and other incentives are applied.
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Wind Turbine Technology
Wind Turbine Gearless Technology

The wind turbine operation begins with the output of the turbine at very low wind speeds. The turbine outputs pure DC and can provide up to 165VDC at 12.9amps for a rating of 2KW total output. The turbine also contains two very important features that allow the control system to achieve a maximum power output and high wind protection; one is an anemometer for wind speed and direction, and second is a motor that rotates the turbine to either maintain the best position for wind or protects the turbine form excessively high winds.
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Wind Turbine Photo Gallery
Wind Turbine Photo Gallery

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Redesigning Wind Turbines

Why was it necessary to redesign the wind turbine?
Free Power Wind TurbinesWith 90% of North America’s actual wind resources below 9 mph on average, it was essential to develop a technology capable of starting-up in wind speeds as low as 0.5 mph and remaining operational through 38 mph. Traditional turbines rarely start turning before 7.5 mph and shutdown by 29 mph to protect their mechanical systems. It is this greater capture and conversion of available wind energy that enables the Honeywell Wind Turbine to provide such a meaningful percentage of a home’s energy needs.
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